Czech Employee Card

Employee Card

Czech Republic Employee Card

The employee working visa for the Czech Republic is merged with the work permit into a single document called “Employee Card“. 


The employee card a plastic card with biometric scan features. This single permit authorises its holder to stay in the Czech Republic for the purpose of employment on a long term basis and to perform the specific job the card had been issued for.

The employee card replaced the employee visa for stay for over 90 days, which is no longer issued.

Who is eligible for the employee card?

All foreign employees in the Czech Republic regardless of the level of required professional qualification or position within the company, with a few exceptions, such as short-time seasonal workers, employees of companies based outside of EU/EAA – please see the Czech work permit section for the detailed list of exceptions.

The validation of education may be required for certain professions.

 Duration of the procedure:

  • As per the law, the Labour office should issue the work permit within 30 days, however this period is sometimes exceeded.
  • The employer has to announce the job vacancy at the regional office of the Employment Agency of the Czech Republic and anyone meeting the requirements can apply and enter the tender.
Please note the employer is required to announce the job vacancy, which the employer intends to fill with a foreign national, to the regional office of the Employment Agency of the Czech Republic.

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