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Monika Hynková Ježková. Director, CZECH VISAS 4U

“I enjoy taking the responsibility for my clients’ satisfaction .I try to bring a personal touch to my work. Sometimes it’s hard to be available 24/7 but the end result is always a win …”

  • My name is Monika and I was born and whole my life I am living in Prague
  • I have an economic education and a practice in tourism and working with foreigners
  • After high school, I was working at Prague airport as a ground staff, after 4years there I have got nice job at travel agency, where I was taking care of asia incoming tourists
  • since 2007 I am working for foreigners living in Prague and helping them with officialities which life in Czech republic is bringing (working permits, visas, longterm visas, renting of flats etc)

Our company can assist during making your:

  • working permit
  • visas (longterm visas, students visas)
  • employee cards
  • renting a flat, visiting and looking for doctor
  • marriage certificates (assistence with all officialities, interpreter during weddings)
  • and other matters of living in Czech republic.

We have the right to use a personal data from Office for personal data protection filed under ICO 02855381.

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