Other Work Permits

Who is eligible for the Czech work permit:

After the law change on 24th of June 2014 a foreign national who wishes to stay in the Czech Republic and work here needs to apply for working permit in following cases:

  • he/she has been posted by his foreign employer based outside the territory of the EU/EEA or Switzerland to perform work in the CR (to perform tasks here arising from a contract entered into between this employer and a Czech legal entity or a Czech natural person), or
  • he/she is a partner, member or statutory body of a business company or a cooperative and performs tasks arising from the type of activity of this legal entity11, or
  • he/she is a seasonal employee performing work dependent on seasons of the year, employed for a period not exceeding 6 months in a calendar year; or
  • he/she works as an intern in an employment relationship with an employer in the Czech Republic, or
  • an international agreement so provides in his/her case.

Duration of the procedure:

  • As per the law the Labour office should issue the work permit within 30 days, however this period is sometimes exceeded.
  • The employer has to announce the job vacancy at the regional office of the Employment Agency of the Czech Republic and anyone meeting the requirements can apply and enter the tender.
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